"Can U Hear Me Now?" Youth Conference
   Removing Barriers So We Can Hear Him!
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As the new Coronavirus known as COVID-19, spreads across the globe, we are aware that measures need to be taken to slow its distribution. We will move forward with our MAY 21-25, 2020 8th Annual Can U Hear Me Now Youth Conference VIRTUALLY this year. Our theme remains RESTORATION 2020: Healing Brokenness. 
MAY 21-25, 2020



Thursday - Monday, May 21-25, 2020

Conference Focus: Removing Barriers So That We Can Hear God

8th Annual Theme: Restoration 2020: Healing from Brokenness


May 21 Thursday

6 pm Introduction/Welcome Message- Jon Laolagi, Director CYC

7 pm  Scott Mayer - "American Idolatry"

8 pm  Dr. Nadine Collins "Hearing God in Crisis" 

May 22 Friday

7:30 am  Dr. Nadine Collins(Morning Devotional) & Scott Mayer - "Hollywood Spirit"

8:45 am Scott Mayer - "Scott Mayer Testimony"    (Sons of Asaph music)

10 am  "From Witchcraft to Witness, The Mikey Jenny Story" (Athena Sorensen music)

11:15 pm Andrew Barrett - "War Tactics" (Joshua Family music)

12:30 pm  Eric Wilson - "The Poison of Serpents and the Throne of the Heart!"

1:45 pm  Peter Chung - "Addition by Subtraction" (Sylvanna Fraga Pianist)

3 pm Eric Wilson "Soul-ties and the Powers of Darkness"

4:15 pm  Dr. Matthew Chan "Removing Barriers for Good Health, Building Barriers Against Coronavirus". (Sons of Asaph music & Sylvanna Frago Pianist)

5:30 pm  Gerzon Gomez "The Medicine of Forgiveness". (Athena Sorensen music)

May 23 Saturday

7:30 am  Michael Johnson - "Get Your Own Oil!"

8:45 am Andrew Barrett - Sex- A Blood Covenant Music by Athena Sorensen

10 am Jon Laolagi - "Brokenness, An Appropriate Response"

12:30 pm Eric Wilson - "True Freedom - By Creation or Evolution?"  Music by Sons of Asaph

1:45 pm  Denise Johnson "Broken To Be Made Beautiful" Music by Athena Sorensen

3 pm Dr. Matthew Chan "Removing Barriers of Unhealthful Practices: An Evidence-based Approach Music by Francis and Joanna Recalde

4:15 pm Gerzon Gomez "Salvation". Music by Fernando Ortega and Melissa Ramos

5:30 pm  Mark Minor "Land Mines and the Ultimate Bomb" Music by Sons of Asaph

6:45 pm Andrew Barrett "Restoration" Music by The Joshuas

8 pm Peter Chung - "Truth Born From a Family of Lies" (Music by Melissa Ramos and Athena Sorensen)

May 24 Sunday

7:30 am  David Solis "The Restoration of Right Worship, Will Bring Healing"

10 am  Michael Johnson - "Suffer It To Be So" (Music by Sons of Asaph)

11:15 am  Edgar Mariscal - "Mind Metamorphosis"

12:30 pm   Panel Discussion 

1:45 pm  Marco Topete - "How God Uses Ordinary People" (Music by Melissa Ramos)

3 pm  Lisa Topete - "Caring is Sharing" (Musical selections by Matthew and Christina Moran and Sons of Asaph)

4:15 pm  Keala Thompson "But It's Not My Fault"HANDOUT (Music by Melissa Ramos)

5:30 pm   Dr. Matthew Chan "Removing Barriers of the Health Message"

6:45 pm  Alvin Maragh “Why The Nine Were Powerless” (Music by Melissa Ramos)

8 pm  Andrew Barrett                               (Musical selections by The Joshuas and Melissa Ramos)

May 25 Monday

7:30 am  Hector Oliva "Redeemed" (Music by Melissa Ramos)

8:45 am  Gerzon Gomez - "A Time To Hate" (Music by Ministry33tv and Athena Sorensen)

10 am Closing Presentation - CYC Team and Pasadena SDA Church Closing Remarks