"Can U Hear Me Now?" Youth Conference
   Removing Barriers So We Can Hear Him!
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Friday 7:15 pm Preparation for the Final Crisis - Isaac Olatunji

Saturday 10:00 am I Can't Stand Him/Her - Alvin Maragh

Saturday 3 pm The Power of Forgiveness - Gerzon Gomez

Saturday 3pm Toxic Relationships - Isaac Olatunji

Saturday 4:15 pm Drawing Closer to Christ As a Family - Taariq Patel & Igdaly Patel

Saturday 4:15 pm Parental Regrets - Scott Mayer

Saturday 5 pm The Priest of the Home - MIchael Johnson

Saturday 8:15 pm Focus Point - Scott Mayer

Sunday 8:30 am The Unseen Epidemic - Matthew Chan

Sunday 9:30 am Q & A with Presenters - Isaiah Oliva

​Sunday 10:30 am A Relational Marriage - Michael Johnson

Sunday 3 pm The Importance of Self-Awareness in Evangelism - Rhidge Garcia

Sunday 3 pm The War on Anxiety and Depression - Matthew Chan

Sunday 4:15 pm The Importance of Self -Awareness in Evangelism PART 2 - Rhidge Garcia

Sunday 4:15 pm  "De Oppresso Liber" (Friendship Evangelism) - Taariq Patel

Sunday 8:15 pm The Thief and the Mixed Multitude - Gerzon Gomez

​Sunday 9:15 pm Testimonies